The Company installs and operates CCTV as follows.
1. Basis and purpose of installation of CCTV
Safety and fire prevention at the Company's facility
Prevention of crime
2. Number, location and coverage of CCTV installations
Installation locations: IBS Tower, Seoul office, factories, R&D Center, inside and outside of office buildings
Number of installations: 473
Coverage: Captures the entire space facing the CCTV camera
3. Personnel in charge of management, responsible department and personnel with the right of access to video information
Personnel in charge of management: General affairs team leader
Responsible department: General affairs team
Personnel with the right to access video information
1) Access and inquiry: General affairs team leader and personnel in charge of CCTV
2) Maintenance: CCTV maintenance personnel in charge of the general affairs team and facility operation team
4. Filming time, storage period, storage location and disposal method of video information
Filming time: 24-hour filming
Storage period: Retained for 30 days from the time of filming
However, CCTV at locations handling national core technologies is stored for 180 days
Storage location and disposal method: Stored in the CCTV control room. If the capacity of the storage medium is exceeded, the data is automatically deleted sequentially starting from the oldest data or automatically deleted when the storage period is exceeded.
5. How and where to view video information
Video information can only be viewed within the Company.
When requesting to view video information, if you are an individual, you may only view the part related to you with the approval of the person in charge of video information management after verifying your identity with a resident registration card, driver's license, passport, etc. according to internal procedures. However, the person in charge of video information management may refuse to allow the viewing of the video information if there is a concern that it may infringe on the personal information or personality rights of others or cause damage to the Company's property, or if they determine that the viewing is not appropriate based on their judgment.
When requested by an investigative agency to view and provide video information, it is permitted and provided in accordance with a court submission order or a warrant issued by a judge.
If the head of an investigative organization (police chief or above) or a prosecutor requests the video information in an official letter, specifically stating that it is necessary for the urgent life, body or property interests of a third party under Article 18(2)(3) of the Personal Information Protection Act, the video information is allowed to be viewed and provided according to the judgment of the person in charge of video information management.
6. Measures to respond to requests from information subjects to access the video information
You must apply with a request to view and confirm the existence of personal video information, and if you meet the requirements of Paragraph (5) above, you will be allowed to view it according to the judgment of the person in charge of video information management.
7. Technical, administrative and physical measures to protect video information
Establishment of an internal management plan, access control and restriction of access rights, application of secure storage and transmission technology for video information, storage of processing records and measures to prevent forgery and tampering, provision of storage facilities and installation of locks, etc.