ESG Society

To practice human rights management,
we conduct anaysis of the impact on human rights and prepare measures to protect human rights

Human Rights Management Process
  • Conduct human rights impact assessment and identify potential risks
  • Improve and monitor human rights risks
  • Publicly disclose the current status of human rights policy implementation

Human Rights as Our Top Management Philosophy

Celltrion considers human rights as its top management philosophy and does its best to protect the human rights of executives, employees and stakeholders through various human rights policies and human rights protection measures.

  • Human Rights Policy

    Celltrion prioritizes human rights as our top management philosophy and to respect the human rights of all stakeholders, it has established and disclosed to the public a human rights policy based on international human rights norms, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR) and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs).

  • Human Rights Management

    To practice human rights management, Celltrion analyzes actual and potential human rights impacts and prepares protective measures. We conduct anonymous awareness surveys among employees to select and manage issues that require management. We also established a separate management process to conduct human rights impact assessments. In addition, we transparently disclose improvement results through continuous human rights risk monitoring and further expand the scope of management and evaluation to include partners to create a culture in which everyone's rights are respected.

  • Labor Management

    Celltrion listens to employee opinions and endeavors to address grievances through online and offline grievance channels such as an internal anonymous communication channel (Tongnamu), Labor-management Council (Employee Council), Grievance Committee and counseling center.

  • Human Rights Training

    In order to promote the culture of mutual respect and understanding of diversity among employees, Celltrion introduced training programs related to the prevention of sexual harassment, improving the perceptions regarding the disabled, and preventing workplace harassment. We will continue to expand training courses to improve employees' perceptions on human rights and reinforce implementation.

Celltrion Practices
Win-Win Management

  • Expansion of social contribution activities
  • Fulfilling social responsibilities for accompanied growth

Practicing Community-Oriented Social Contribution

Celltrion is carrying out various social contribution activities such as community support, youth scholarship initiative, and employee volunteer activities through the Celltrion Welfare Foundation.

  • Community Support
    • Food and daily necessity support for underprivileged classes with low-income
    • Assistance with medical expenses
    • Support with living expenses for single person households and early married families subject to probation
    • Support for welfare organizations that provide food banks, free food services, etc.
  • Youth Scholarship Initiative
    • “Pocket money” scholarships for middle and high school students
    • Provide scholarships for students under the Guardian Program and Incheon National University students
    • Provide separate scholarships by matching employees with outstanding students from low-income families
  • Employees' Volunteer Activities
    • Seasonal sharing events

Fulfilling Social Responsibilities for Accompanied Growth

As the first mover of biosimilars in Korea, Celltrion is striving to fulfill its social responsibilities for accompanied growth.

  • Open Innovation with Bio-Startups

    Celltrion has always been at the frontier for building, supporting and vitalizing open innovation eco-system in the Korean bio industry. Starting with our collaboration with 'Incheon Startup Park' from 2020, we have partnered with various industry experts including 'Seoul Bio Hub', Korea national bio cluster, to run incubation and acceleration programs for young bio-startups.

  • Localizing Raw/Sub Materials

    In preparation for disruptions in the procurement of raw materials due to global trends whereby countries are trying to protect their own industries, Celltrion, together with related organizations, has been pursuing localization of materials, parts, equipment and raw materials in the domestic biotech industry.


ISO22301 refers to Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), a part of the global ISO standards. Due to international circumstances, supply chain disruptions, or natural disasters, businesses may see their key business operations being paralyzed, which can lead to damaged business confidence, customer churn, and other management risks. Therefore, to guarantee stable biological drug supply, Celltrion established business continuity management system to protect its safety and confidence with its customers.