Environmental Safety

With recognition that protecting our planet in strict compliance with environmental laws and regulations and ensuring the health and safety of workers are important, Celltrion has established and applied environmental safety management policy across all management activities.

  • Environmental
  • Ensure safety
    and health
Enhancing values of health
and welfare
Environmental Mission

Green Management for Clean Future Environment

Celltrion is working towards zero violations of environmental laws, zero violation of environmental accidents and reduction of environmental pollutant emission.

  • Strict environmental management
    • Assess compliance with environmental laws and regulations and monitor changes on a regular basis
    • Establish an annual list of environmental agencies and engage in environment-related tasks that require interactions with relevant environmental agencies
    • Establish self-management standards that are stricter than the permissible emission levels and implement continuous monitoring procedures
  • Environmental improvement activities
    • Establish and implement annual environmental goals at both an enterprise level and for each department
    • Establish standards for resource and energy savings to reduce unnecessary consumption and implement an ongoing monitoring system
    • Conduct environmental impact assessments when establishing new facilities or introducing new equipment
Safety Mission

Risk Free Working Environment

Celltrion is working towards zero occurrence of serious disaster and major industrial accidents and minimization of occupational injuries and disease occurrence.

  • Establish a field-oriented safety management system and strengthen management of high-risk tasks
    • Prevent catastrophic events by focusing on alleviating high-risks
    • Eliminate risk factors at the source by proactively identifying and addressing potential risks
    • Minimize safety blind spots by conducting and monitoring safety inspections by work type
    • Improve autonomous safety management level by strengthening partner support and participation
  • Implement field-oriented health management prioritizing employees' health
    • Provide health counseling based on analysis of health screening results to provide ongoing management
    • Encourage employees to voluntarily improve their health by providing essential lifestyle guidance for each diseases
    • Promote wellness in the workplace by implementing a participatory wellness program
    • Create a clean and comfortable workplace with workplace environment measurement and improvement activities
  • Improving safety and health awareness/culture through participation and communication
    • Secure practical safety awareness through detailed training by job type
    • Maintain cooperative relationships through regular on-site communication
    • Strengthen safety management level and awareness of partners through cooperation
    • Establish self-directed practice culture through safety and health campaigns

Climate Action

We recognize the inherent connection climate change and human activities and acknowledge our shared responsibility with the international community to address climate change.

Climate Change Core Values
  • Creativity
  • The spirit of seeking challenge
  • Compliance with principles
  • The pursuit to be the world's best
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