Business Areas

Business Areas

Celltrion streamlines the biopharmaceutical process by providing integrated one-stop solutions for R&D, clinical trials, government approvals, production, and distribution.

One-Stop Solution Provider

01 R&D

Fueling Celltrion's Commitment to Life-Changing Pharmaceuticals are its Unmatched R&D Capabilities

The cornerstone of Celltrion's global biotechnology leadership is its Global R&D Center, where cutting-edge biosimilars and novel drug modalities are brought to life. Leveraging a wealth of experience in global clinical trials and mAb expertise, Celltrion has secured regulatory approvals for multiple antibody products in over 100 countries.

  • R&D

    Operates Korea's largest Global R&D Center capable of biologics and small molecules research

  • Clinical Trials

    Successfully accumulated global clinical trial experiences on mAb biopharmaceuticals

  • Regulatory Affairs

    Outstanding capacity dedicated to regulatory approvals and sales of biopharmaceuticals

02 Production

On Back of Our Global GMP Compliant Quality Policies, We Deliver Consistently High-Quality Biologics

Celltrion manages the entire biopharmaceutical production process using industry-leading production technology and rigorous quality control protocols in full compliance with global regulatory standards. This unwavering commitment to excellence translates into consistently high-quality biopharmaceuticals. Our long history of zero-contamination and accident-free production is a testament to our dedication to quality and safety.

  • 01

    Operates US FDA and Europe EMA cGMP certified production facilities

  • 02

    Operates large-scale, in-house manufacturing facilities with a production capacity of 250,000L

  • 03

    World class production capabilities and quality control system

03 Distribution

Our Growing Direct Distribution Network Now Reaches Over 100 Countries

Celltrion's biopharmaceuticals reach patients in over 100 countries, including the US and Europe, through our rapidly growing direct distribution network. Our mission to achieve global access ensures quality medical care is available at reasonable costs, alleviating financial burdens on public healthcare systems.

  • 01

    Establishment and expansion of direct global sales network

  • 02

    Distributes multiple antibody products in approximately 100 countries

  • 03

    No. 1 manufacturer and exporter of biosimilars in Korea