Export and Import Management Policy

Celltrion stipulates the following policy on compliance with laws and regulations and import/export safety management for all import/export-related activities conducted by the Company. This policy is established and implemented to ensure the integrity of our import and export supply chain and to maintain and enhance our global competitiveness.
For the systematic implementation of this policy, we shall continue to review the status of import/export legal compliance and safety management and set goals for legal compliance and import/export safety management.
Regarding our goals concerning legal compliance and import/export safety management, we continue to monitor the business environment and invest our internal capabilities to ensure that they are achieved throughout the company.
In order to implement the export/import safety management policy, Celltrion encourages smooth communication between all employees to establish a company-wide import/export safety management policy.
All employees actively cooperate in raising awareness of import/export safety management and related tasks
We will do our best to ensure the safety of Celltrion’s assets and import/export goods through mutual cooperation with parties in the import/export supply chain.
Through the establishment and implementation of this policy, Celltrion shall make every effort to become a trusted global importer and exporter with global competitiveness.