Background of Merger

Celltrion is set to streamline its biosimilar subsidiary companies into a unified entity to respond swiftly to the rapidly growing and competitive global market. This initiative aims to establish a foundation for evolving into a global big pharmaceutical company. The merger holds significant importance in accelerating the securing of future growth drivers for Celltrion. Through this merger, we aim to grow into a leading global big pharma, making advancements into novel drugs beyond biosimilars.

Change in Ownership Structure after Merger

  • Pre-Merger

    Celltrion Holdings

    • 20.1%
    • 24.3%
    • Celltrion

    • Celltrion

    • 54.8%

    Celltrion Pharm

  • Post-Merger

    Celltrion Holdings

    • 21.6%
    • Celltrion

    • 54.8%

    Celltrion Pharm

Merger Effects

  • Large-Scale Investment in Strategic Focus Area
    • Secure integrated group resources via vertical integration
    • Deploy integrated group resources for large-scale investments
  • Maximize Market Share Based on Cost Competitiveness
    • Strengthen development and sales cooperation through vertical integration
    • Launch distinctive products by quickly identifying unmet market needs
  • Enhancing Transparency through Simplification of the Transaction Structure
    • Improve earnings visibility by elimination of related party transactions
    • Improve cost structure through change in inventory recognition

Enhancement of Shareholder Value

Celltrion anticipates an increase in both revenue and profit through the expansion of its biosimilar pipeline, successful commercialization of new drugs and improved profitability in direct sales after the merger. Based on this, the company plans to secure the necessary resources for shareholder returns effectively and strengthen its shareholder return policy.

Shareholder Return Policy

Increase Revenue & Profitability via Merger

  • Expand Biosimilar Pipeline

  • Successfully Commercialize Novel Drugs

  • Enhance Profitability by Direct Sales

Gradual Expansion of Cash Dividend Portion

Increase in Shareholder Return