Inspired by differentiating cells, Celltrion’s logomark design highlights the nature of our business, and the circles represent the company’s diversity and dynamism. The green color symbolizes the trust toward Celltrion’s offerings and their safety.

Color Guidance

Primary Colors

  • Celltrion Green

    Pantone 361C C70%ㆍY100% C67ㆍM4ㆍY84ㆍK0 R85ㆍG185ㆍB84
  • Celltrion Black

    Pantone 433C 2XCㆍB100% C93ㆍM88ㆍY89ㆍK80 R0ㆍG0ㆍB0

Supplementary Colors

  • Orange Pantone 1505C M50%ㆍY100% C5ㆍM56ㆍY80ㆍK0 R243ㆍG141ㆍB54
  • Dark Grey Pantone Cool Grey 8CㆍB70% C65ㆍM56ㆍY51ㆍK2 R109ㆍG110ㆍB113
  • Purple Pantone 266C C64%ㆍM68% C67ㆍM64ㆍY10ㆍK0 R112ㆍG102ㆍB168
  • Gold Pantone 872C Gold C31ㆍM47ㆍY78ㆍK0 R194ㆍG146ㆍB73
  • Light Grey Pantone 877C Silver C31ㆍM24ㆍY21ㆍK0 R188ㆍG189ㆍB192